The Cooler For Your Temperature-Sensitive Medication!

The Cool-One offers 24-hour cooling without electricity or battery.

Pre-sale offer

Pre-order your Cool-One before 31 January 2021

Pay only €249 

€49 upfront and €200 on delivery in May 2021

Flexible payment schedule available.


The Cool-One gives you
the freedom to go
wherever you want with
the peace of mind
that it keeps your
medication cool.

Features & Benefits

Cooling x Medication = Freedom

Size (LxHxW)
37 cm x 11 cm x 16 cm

only 2,5 kg

Medicine chamber (LxHxW)
19 cm x 35 mm x 67 mm

  • 24 hour cooling
  • Constantly cool between
    2 and 8 degrees Celsius
  • Cool again in 2 hours
    (with meds inside!)
  • Freedom to go wherever you want
  • Convenient to carry with the leather strap
  • Fits on average 6 weeks of
  • Innovative cooling & insulation
  • Fit for all temperature-sensitive medication
  • Monitor your medication
    on the display and with our app
  • No more stress about
    your meds



Pre-order the Cool-One now for only €249

Pay €49 upfront and €200 on delivery.

Only if you order before 31 January 2021

Pre-order Your Cool-One now!

Why you should order the Cool-One now

When you pre-order the Cool-One today, you pay only €49 now and €200 when the Cool-One is delivered.

We have flexible payment options available. All you have to do is apply.

You'll receive a shoulder bag to carry the Cool-One.

In addition, you will receive a discount code to give other people the opportunity to pre-order the Cool-One at a €25 discount. And of course, you will receive this discount too.

This offer is only valid until 31 January 2021, so pre-order your Cool-One now.

Pre-order Your Cool-One now!

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