The only Cooler you’ll ever need
for your temperature-sensitive

The Cool-One offers 24-hour cooling in a secure, innovative, fashionable, medicine cooler.

Pre-sale offer

Pre-order your Cool-One before 9 December 2020

Pay only €199, €49 now and €150 on delivery


The Cool-One
takes the stress out
of your travel.
Freedom and peace
of mind wherever
you decide to go!

Features & Benefits

Cooling x Medication = Freedom

Size (LxHxW)
37 cm x 11 cm x 16 cm

only 2,5 kg

Medicine chamber (LxHxW)
19 cm x 3,5 cm x 6,7 cm

  • 24 hour cooling
  • Constantly cool between 2-80C
  • Cool again in 2 hours
    (with meds inside!)
  • Freedom to go wherever you want
  • Convenient to carry with the leather strap
  • Fits on average 6 weeks of
  • Innovative cooling & insulation
  • Fit for all temperature-sensitive medication
  • Monitor your medication
    on the display and with our app
  • No more stress about
    your meds




If you pre-order the Cool-One now
you will pay only €199

with only €49 up front
and €150 on delivery
Only if you order before 9 December 2020

Pre-order Your Cool-One now!

Why you should order the Cool-One now

When you pre-order the Cool-One today, you pay only €49 now and €150 when the Cool-One is delivered. 

You will be among the first to receive the Cool-One when it is delivered at your home in May 2021.

In addition, if you buy the Cool-One before 9 December 2020 you will be helping us help other people like you who are not able to travel due to their medication. 

Finally, one of the first 100 people who order will receive the Cool-One for free.

This offer is only valid until 9 December 2020, so pre-order your Cool-One now.

Pre-order Your Cool-One now!

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